Top 6 Chrome Themes

Google chrome is one of the most used browsers on a PC as well as on Android Smartphones. Google chrome provides their users to customize their browser as they want. It has a large collection of useful extensions, Games, Attractive Chrome Themes and more. You can get all these on your browser for free, which helps for the ultimate browsing experience. Here, Check Top 6 Chrome Themes to Try Now.

Top 6 Chrome Themes:

1. Night Time In New York City 

As the name suggests it is a theme based on the New York City from Night Time. It looks beautiful with city lights and buildings. It is one of the most downloaded themes I have seen in Google Chrome theme store.

2. Earth in Space 

One of the best beautiful chrome theme from space. The theme includes a screensaver of our planet in space. It looks so great with dark colors, best for dark theme lovers. The background looks awesome while browsing in other tabs. It is more like a wallpaper but it looks good as other chrome themes.

3. Sunset 

The theme with a great view of the sunset. The color of the sunset is in purple which looks great. The reflection of cloud and sun makes it even better.

4. Iron Man-Material Design 

It is the best Superhero theme that you should try. If you are a superhero fan then this is definitely for you. The color division is great along with the shadow of Iron-Man. The design is very cool. Thisoneisone of my favourite google chrome themes.

5. Beauty 

The Stunning Theme full of colors from nature. You will love to see it everytime you open your browser. Bright pink sunset, green plains and hilly forests, that fades into the mountains, will make you open favorite browser again and again.

6. Lamborghini Cherry 

The best car theme for your google chrome that you can find in Google Web Store. The Lamborghini car with cherry color on it will make you fall in love with it. If you are a car lover you can go with this theme.


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